Policy of the Month

We always want children joining our nursery to be happy, from the moment they enter the room. That’s why we have an important Settling In policy. It’s all about being creating structure, whilst allowing flexibility. Please read below to find out more

Policy oft November17


It is of paramount importance to this Nursery that all children in the Nursery should be treated with great care and consideration.  A new child should feel comfortable, cared for and integrated into the life of the Nursery as quickly as possible.

New Children

Once a child is registered to start Nursery the Parents/Guardians will be encouraged to visit with the child, staying for a short period to acquaint themselves with their surroundings.  Once the child starts, they will be closely monitored by the senior staff and the Keyworker/Nursery Staff.

The Group Manager/Room Senior should organise the settling in of new children with the parents on the following basis.  There should be at least 3 visits prior to starting date as follows:

 1 hour visit   – parent stays

 1 hour visit   – parent stays ½ hour and then leaves

 1 hour visit   – parent leaves

Children will have individual needs and so if the parent or staff feels the need for adapting the settling in, a discussion will take place and arrangements made.

The preferred settling in sessions are either  :

AM – 10.30 to 11.30 am or PM –  3.00 to 4.00  pm

These times do not conflict with meal and sleep times and so a wider range of activities are on offer.

During the first settling in period, whilst the child is interacting with the other children and taking part in activities, the Group Senior/Room Senior will introduce the parents to the child’s Keyworker who will then complete a “Parent/Keyworker” questionnaire.  They should then spend their time with the parents discussing the day to day running of the room. This is also the opportunity for the Room Leader to give the welcome pack to the parent/carer.

Prior to the child starting nursery all paperwork must be completed and signed off by the Office.  The child’s information must be transferred into the appropriate folders and on to the relevant notice boards, etc., so that all staff have easy access to and are aware of any dietary requirements and other needs. During the final settle, parents will be invited to look at the 3 Prime Areas of the EYFS and a discussion will be had to decide at what stage of development the child is currently at.  This will allow for a starting point with which to track the child’s progress.

It is our policy that, so far as is possible, Nursery sessions should run in the normal way when a parent or carer is present.  The parent or carer should be able to see the regular pattern of what happens during the day, how the staff cope with anything unexpected and in particular they should be able to see the level of care received by all children in the Nursery.

When a child starts nursery we are happy to receive telephone calls from parents or carers at all times.  We fully understand that parents and carers are concerned about the child’s welfare and are likely to feel upset at leaving him or her in someone else’s care.  We will aim to alleviate these fears but if a child is very upset it is our policy to tell the caller, giving them the option of calling again to see if there is still an issue.

If a child remains very upset it is the policy of this Nursery to call the parent or carer and discuss our concern.


Consideration should always be given to the individual child and their needs.  However in general the following should apply:

Infants to Toddlers and Toddlers to Pre-School

Full time children no less than one week settling in

Part time child, 1-2 weeks depending on the individual child

The times for visits to the child’s new room will be organised between the Room Seniors

For the child’s first visit to the next age group the child’s current key worker will accompany them, spend time with them in their new room and hand over a completed transition form. They will use this time to inform the child’s future key worker of details they need to know.

We will aim to show parents/carers the room that their child will be moving to and introduce them to the Room Senior and their child’s new Keyworker.